Akhil Consultancy

Right People, Right Place, Right Time

Who We Are

Akhil Enterprise is for nearly 8 years, we have developed unique insights on the impacting organizations and individuals in today’s ever changing world of work. We help our Indian & global clients with high quality and well-executed Engineering services and Staffing. Now, we are ideating new-age careers in customer experience, leading our clients to the forefront of their business.

Our Solutions

Talent Acquisition

Our unique sourcing methodology ensures that we find the right talent for you every single time.

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Out Sourcing

We combine our passion for people with intelligent technology to help organizations and talent convert potential into performance.

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Technology Solutions

Our technology team is one of the best, we are game changers in the market and that is why we are different.

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Skill Training

Increase the employability skills of people at institutional and industrial level; to furnish people with relevant and conceptualized professional skills.

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Our WorkFlow Process


Staffing & subtitle

Hiring eligible candidates in the organization or company for specific positions. Quality staffing focuses on consultative conversations with clients and candidates to understand the requirements.


Software development

It refers to the phases of a software product through out its planning, development and testing. It makes programmer to easily evaluate and work concurrently with each phase of the software development.


Client Based Support

It is not only offering traditional technical support but also understanding each client’s specific needs and ensure that their objectives are met at all times.


Consulting & Out Sourcing

It is done to mobilise resources, to provide better service coverage & to improve client’s operational efficiency in order to support their day-to-day activities.It reduces labor costs for clients & also enables them to focus on their core business.


Technical & Corporate Softskill Training

Soft skills are given more precedence in corporate world. Therefore training in leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, etc are given with appropriate workshop to enhance professional & personal development.

Our Clients